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The ONLY Summer Camp in the WORLD with its Own ZOO!


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adopt-an-animal855We offer AMAZING animal encounters with over 100 different species of animals.  We are the ultimate summer camp for kids who love animals and want to spend time up close and hands-on with lots of different kinds of animals.  

Cub Creek Science Camp also offers an incredible program for kids who love nature and science.  Because, in addition to all the animals, we have many other exciting activities including; Archery, Cooking, Crime Science, Crafts, Survival Skills and Zip-lines, just to name a few.

By combining a science camp, an animal camp and traditional summer camp activities, we have created a place where kids will have more fun than they ever thought possible! (And they'll learn a lot too!)

Imagine adopting your favorite animal for a week, such as a monkey, wallaby or sloth, hand feeding lemurs, going for a hike with a llama, petting a porcupine, training a parrot to talk or even bathing a miniature horse.  At the same time, enjoying all the fun of an overnight summer camp; swimming, fishing, exploring the woods, tie dying a t-shirt, roasting marshmallows, shooting a bow and arrow, making crafts and singing songs.

In addition to all of our animals, at Cub Creek Science Camp, campers can; solve a mystery in our Crime Science course, make fudge or cotton candy in our Candy Factory, fly down a zip line at the ropes course,  build their own shelter and fire, and then cook a meal and sleep outside in our Survival Skill campout.

Cub Creek Science Camp has more than a twenty year history of providing a camp experience like no one else.  Each summer we have campers attend from nearly every state and many different countries.

Take some time to compare and you will see that no other camp even comes close.  Whether you are looking for a summer camp in Missouri or just the best camp for kids, this is it.


Have you heard about our newest program?

Animal Camp Jamaica, is a teen travel and adventure camp!

Perfect for teenagers who want an amazing summer experience.  Campers will spend their mornings snorkeling the shallow Caribbean reefs near shore and their afternoons explorng the island.  Outstanding introduction to Marine Biology. 


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