Ball or Royal Python


The Ball Python, also known as the Royal Python, is the smallest of the African python species. This is a very popular constrictor due to its small size, reasonable price, and docility. They can live 20 to 30 years in captivity.

Ball Pythons typically don't bite, instead choosing to coil tightly into the ball that gives them their common name. As they grow and are handled, they will become more tame and make wonderful pet reptiles. (This information was taken

We have four ball pythons at Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp.  Two of them are named Seth and Shamus.  Seth and Shamus are the two animals that have been part of the camp program for the longest time - since it first began in 1993.

In the summer of 2010, Seth laid her first eggs and successfully hatched all five of them.

The snakes below are sitting on 1' x 1' square tiles.  Shamus is on the left, next to two young Redtail Boas for comparison.

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