Adopt an Animal

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Take care of your favorite animal for a week with our Adopt an Animal program. Learn what it likes to eat and how to feed it and provide all the care it needs to live a long, happy life. Each camper can choose any of our more than 100 different kinds of animals, including a monkey, armadillo, or even a camel or kangaroo.

Adopt an Animal is a week-long course offered at Cub Creek Science Camp. During this course, campers will choose a favorite animal to take care for the week.

Before any camper is given the responsibility to care for an animal at camp, he or she must first learn about their animal and its needs; 

  • What are its predators? 
  • How long does it live? 
  • In what country and climate can this animal be found in the wild? 
  • In the wild does this animal spend its time by itself or in a group? (Is it social or solitary?)
  • Is this animal most active during the day, night or in between? (diurnal, nocturnal or crepuscular)
  • What, how and how often does the animal eat in the wild?
  • What, how and how often does the animal eat at camp?
  • How (and how often) is its home cleaned? 
  • What causes this animal stress?
  • What types of enrichment activities can be used with their animal?  

After the camper is able to demonstrate knowledge of the animal, he or she is ready to take on the responsibility for its care. 

At Cub Creek Science Camp, we believe that the long-term care for an animal is a tremendous responsibility. Deciding to take on that responsibility should not be a decision made in the spur of the moment. Many children want every animal they see in a pet store. Did you know that a parrot can live over 50 years and a tortoise can live 100 years? 

The Adopt an Animal Program at Cub Creek Science Camp teaches campers about a very wide variety of animals and what these animals need to live long, healthy, and happy lives. Campers will also learn that "happy" to an animal is not the same thing as "happy" to a person. Adding a new pet to a home should be something that is not done on a whim. The Adopt an Animal program is designed to help campers understand this concept as well as the uniqueness of each kind of animal and the importance of their conservation in the wild.


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