Veterinary Camp / Junior Vet

Junior Vet is a week long course developed especially for kids who think they might want to become a vet. During our Junior Vet program, campers will learn what it's like to be a veterinarian. Through hands-on activities and with the assistance of over 100 different exotic and domestic animal species, campers learn real veterinary skills. After completing the Junior Vet course, campers are eligible for the one week advanced Vet Camp or Advanced Junior Vet program.

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These classes are part of the Junior Vet course:

  • Basic Animal Examinations – Learn what questions to ask the animals owner.  How to take a temperature, check the eyes, ears, teeth, heart, and lungs 
  • Reading X-Rays
  • Identifying Internal Parasites
  • Learning Suturing Techniques
  • Giving Injections
  • Watching a Real Live Surgery

Junior Vet is just one of over 30 courses offered at Cub Creek Science Camp. Campers who have completed Jr Vet may sign up for Advanced Junior Vet during a second week at camp, or may take Advanced Junior Vet in a future year at summer camp.

For every week at camp, a camper chooses two camp courses. Each summer camp course is made up of five classes. A course takes place for one hour and five minutes each day.

Veterinary medicine is a branch of science dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries, and disorders in animals.  Veterinarians study for many years to be able to successfully care for our beloved pets.