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Mix, measure and pour as you create some really cool concoctions. Learn about elements, acids, bases and polymers through hands-on activities that will leave you amazed.  Making slime, silly putty and toothpaste makes learning about chemistry fun!

 Chemistry, also known as Mixing Magic, is just one of over 30 courses offered at Cub Creek Science Camp.   For every week you are at camp, you will choose two camp courses.  Each summer camp course is made up of five classes. 

These classes are part of the CHEMISTRY course:

  • Chemistry is Fun – Introduction to Chemistry
  • Fantastic Bubbles
  • Rainbow in a Jar
  • Magic Liquid Ooblick
  • Flubber

Chemistry is the science of matter. Chemistry is often called "the central science" because it connects physics with other natural sciences such as geology and biology. Early forms of chemistry were developed to extract useful individual elements from their raw resources. Extracting pure metal from ore, making glass, rendering animal fat into soap and extracting medicines from plants are all examples of how chemistry was used thousands of years ago and is still used today.