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Learn how things work and why they sometimes don't. Shoot off rockets, make your own flashlight, assemble circuits, build aerodynamic paper airplanes and discover ways to harness your own strength.

Physics, also known as Build it Yourself Physics Lab is just one of over 30 courses offered at Cub Creek Science Camp. For every week you are at camp, you will choose two camp courses. Each summer camp course is made up of five classes.

These classes are part of the PHYSICS course:

  • Simple Machines – Build levers and pulleys
  • Marshmallow Catapults – Learn about ancient machines as you send marshmallows soaring
  • Electrical Circuits – Construct your own flashlight 
  • Electromagnets – Build a simple motor
  • Physics of Flight – Launch your own water rocket

Physics is a branch of science that studies how and why things work. By studying physics, we are better able to understand motion, matter and energy. An understanding of physical principles has allowed mankind to float on water, fly through the air and even land on the moon.