Rescue 911

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What would you do in a life threatening situation? Practice life-saving techniques with your fellow campers. Learn how to be prepared for any medical situation from applying a band-aid to emergency medical transport. 

Rescue 911, also known as Jr. Paramedic is just one of over 30 courses offered at Cub Creek Science Camp. For every week you are at camp, you will choose two camp courses. Each summer camp course is made up of five classes.  

These classes are part of the RESCUE 911 course: 

  • Basic First Aid
  • Splints and Slings 
  • Emergency Transport
  • Breathing Emergencies 
  • Realistic Wounds

Rescue Workers and Emergency Medical Technicians are the first people to respond in life-threatening situations. Rescue workers stabilize and transport injured or ill individuals to hospitals where they can receive more comprehensive treatment. Rescue workers need extensive medical knowledge, speed, stamina and a fearless attitude to successfully aid people in life-threatening situations. Rescue 911 is a course that you should take to help you feel more prepared to handle an emergency or if you are considering a career in the medical field.