New York Summer Camp


StateFlagNewYorkDid you know that it is less expensive for your your child to come to Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp than to attend a New York Summer Camp?

We have campers attending from all 50 states and many other countries.  We have staff at the airport each week, just to help our campers with transportation to and from camp.

There is no other overnight summer camp like us any where in the world!  Don't let the distance prevent your child from having the time of their life.  Campers flying a nonstop flight to St. Louis is easy and safe.  You put them on the plane, we take them off the plane and have them call you as soon as they arrive.


Combining scienceanimals and traditional summer camp activities to create the most fun you have ever had.

Imagine spending a week or more, feeding monkeys, walking llamas, petting porcupine, training parrots, bathing miniature horses.  At the same time, enjoying all the fun of an overnight summer camp; swimming, fishing, exploring, tie dying a t-shirt, roasting marshmallows, shooting a bow and arrow, making crafts and singing songs.  Cub Creek offers all this.  We combine the best aspects of a traditional overnight summer camp, a science camp, a adventure camp, and an animal camp, to create a truly one of a kind experience.  Cub Creek Science Camp began operation in 1993.  Each summer we have campers attend from nearly every state and many different countries. 

Cub Creek Science Camp offers one of the only Jr. Vet programs in the country, as well as a one-of-a-kind Adopt an Animal course, a crime science course, physics, chemistry and sixteen other hands-on courses.

We stand apart from other camps because of our many animals, our unique program opportunities and our fantastic camp facility. 

Some of our most recent course additions include; RifleryFabulous Foods and Pottery

American Camp Association | Cub Creek Science Camp, Rolla, MO

Bear River Ranch and Cub Creek Science Camp are proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association.

Click here to learn more about ACA accreditation.


We have many of New York's native birds visit camp throughout the year including Eastern Bluebird, the state bird of New York





How far is Cub Creek from New York?

Just a short trip by plane.




How much does Cub Creek cost compared to New York Camps?

Visit our calendar and pricing page.


We have many native wildflowers at camp, yet few as bold as the New York State Flower, the Rose.


New York's state tree, the Sugar Maple is native to Missouri, and our forests are also full of Oak, Pine, Walnut, Hickory, and many other species.




How does the weather at Cub Creek compare to weather at New York Summer Camps?

Our temperatures are usually in the 80's and 90's in the summer, and our cabins are air-conditioned.


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