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Join our excitement as we take on a new approach to camp themes this summer! For a whole week, the camp theme will remain! That’s right, we’re doing THEME WEEKS! Each week of camp will be tailored to match a theme!

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This is how it works:

When you arrive on Sunday, you will see the theme as you venture through camp. No need to dress up for the theme on Sunday, but if you have any Cub Creek gear wear it! We’ll all be celebrating the start of the week!

All week dress up as you would like for the theme with hats, shirts, or a full costume! The choice is yours. But on Thursday, be prepared to go all out. That is the day of maximum celebration! On the last Friday of your session, we’ll all be wearing Cub Creek gear to share our Camp pride. If you can make it match the theme of the week- Awesome!

Dressing up for themes is optional and participation is not at all required. But it’s fun! You can participate however you’d like, hats, shirts, socks, DIY or full-blown costume! It’s up to you!

Creativity is welcomed! Think outside the box! Use any of your old theme day costumes to match these theme weeks. Be a Dinosaur Sheriff from the Wild West, a Fox Astronaut, or a Tie Dye Mermaid!

Need inspiration? Follow us on Pinterest! We’ve started a 2018 Theme Weeks board to get you going! Or email Ari, camp’s Assistant Director and Creative Director ( ! She can help you DIY, plan your theme day looks, or match your old theme day outfits to the current theme!

2019 Cub Creek Theme Weeks Coming Soon!!

  Please check back with us.