Hired Staff Information

Hi Staff,

Welcome to our team!  We are so excited that you will joining us for a fantastic summer at Bear River Ranch as a member of the Cub Creek Science Camp staff.

Below are links to information and resources that will help prepare you for your adventure.

  • Track Request: Follow this link to learn how to request which track you will be assigned to learn and teach.

Every camp counselor will teach activities this summer.  Our camp activities are called classes and courses.  Courses are week long activities that all fit within one theme.  (we have 30 week long courses).  Classes are the individual activities that make up each course.  For example our Cultural Crafts course is made up of five classes:  Dream Catchers, Native American Talking Sticks, Fimo Pens, Inclusion Beads and Lanyards

  • Staff Manual:   Please read this manual thoroughly before arriving for staff orientation

Employee Paperwork - You will receive a packet paperwork upon hire.  Please complete the paperwork and send it back to camp in the enclosed envelope.  If you lose any of your paperwork extra forms may be downloaded below: 

  • I-9  (also bring the proper identification you listed on this form with you to staff orientation)
  • Federal Tax Form
  • Missouri State Tax Form
  • Health History - You do not need a physical unless you are currently under the care of a doctor or if you will have any physical restrictions while you are at camp.  You must list all medications you will be taking while at camp.
  • On-Line Training:  Every staff member will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access our on-line training program.  Completion of this program is required and must be completed before arriving for staff training.

Staff Orientation Information: 

  • Staff Biography:  Complete this form so that we can include your picture and bio on our staff wall at camp.


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