Summer Camp Jobs


Summer Camp Jobs

Cub Creek Science Camp!


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Summer Dates

May 31- August 8
Staff Training Dates May 17 - May 30
Pay ($2,200 - $3,200) $1000 - $2000 base + $1000 commitment bonus + $200 camp store credit
Minimum Qualifications
  1. 18 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent
  2. Non smoker. 
  3. Experience working with kids (baby sitting, coaching, younger siblings etc.).
  4. Comfortable talking with and listening to kids
  5. Ability to put others before yourself
  6. Enjoy being outside (sun, bugs and temp fluctuations). 
  7. You must love animals of all kinds.  (If you can't stand being in the same room as a particular kind of animal, snakes for example, this is not the right camp for you.  While we do not expect staff to be comfortable handling all animals, we will only hire staff who can show a genuine interest and fascination with all animal species. - This is an animal camp after all!)
  8. Caring, enthusiastic attitude
Housing Housing is available from May 17 - Aug 9, at no cost.

3-4 staff per camper cabin - 16 campers per cabin

Cabins are air-conditioned with private bathrooms.  Bunk beds



Meals are available from the first day of training on May 17th - Aug 9th.

Special diets must be discussed at the time of interview to determine what accommodations are available.  

Staff are expected to eat what is being served in the dining hall, and a negative attitudes about camp food is not tolerated.

While we have fresh fruit, breakfast cereal, bread, peanut butter and Macaroni and Cheese available at all meals, fresh vegitables at every lunch and dinner and a very nice salad bar with each dinner, our experience has shown us that picky eaters and those on restrictive diets such as vegans, paleo diet etc, have difficulty keeping themselves well fed over the course of a full summer.

Number of Staff We hire 60 Counselors / Instructors plus additional support staff.
Background of Staff Our typical staff member is a college student.  Staff come from across the United States and other countries.  We average 350 applicants per summer and select the most creative, talented and diverse staff from these applicants.
Program Overview Cub Creek Science Camp serves children between the ages of 7-17.  We have 12 cabins, divided by age group.   Junior campers (1st - 5th grades) and senior campers (6th - 11th grades) take part in activities separate from each other.  Our male/female ratio of both campers and staff usually works out to be about 50/50. Each cabin houses 14 campers and 3-4 staff members.  All staff members teach or assist activities, and we offer over 100 activity choices.

A camp counselor can be one of the most influential role models in a child's life, we do not want a camper to confuse character with appearance.  We prefer no visible tattoos, body piercings, or unnatural hair colors.   Bear River Ranch is a smoke free facility, and alcohol is not allowed on the premises.

Benefits and things to consider Click here to read about the many benefits of working at Cub Creek Science Camp and the things you should consider before applying.
 Hours / Breaks

 Staff work with campers during all waking hours (7:30 am - 10:30 pm).  Staff who sleep in the cabins with the campers may be called on to assist campers during the night hours.

Each staff will receive a one hour break two times each day.  Staff will also receive one 21 hour day off each week plus additional hours off each weekend.


Positions available at Cub Creek Science Camp

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In Cabin Positions

Summer Camp Counselor/ Instructor-

These team members (mostly college students) live and play with campers in their cabins and activities to ensure their safety and fun. Through teamwork, they guide campers in hands-on, curiosity guided, science related activities, that will spark their imagination, creativity and interest.  They are responsible for teaching and / or assisting during activities to help campers build their knowledge and problem solving skills.

We hire individuals described as: enthusiastic, outgoing, positive, creative, bright,  friendly, and caring. 

Good Communication skills, some teaching experience (formal or informal) preferred, and a passion for science and/or animals and children is a must!  Must be self motivated and willing to learn. Must love the outdoors, be smoke free, and able to sleep on a top bunk if necessary.

  • Lead Archery Instructor- Responsible for teaching Archery classes and courses.  Must be already certified to teach archery or willing to be certified before staff training.
  • Lead Chemistry Instructor-  Responsible for teaching the chemistry course during staff training as well as maintaining the chemistry pavilion and supplies throughout the summer.

  • Lead Creepy Crawly Critters Instructor- The head instructor for our entomology and invertebrate program.  Must be comfortable handling scorpions, spiders and snakes.  

  • Lead Fishing Instructor- The head of our fishing program will teach our fishing classes and courses.  Responsible for maintaining the fishing supplies as well as requesting more supplies as needed.
  • Lead Kennel Instructor- Responsible for teaching adopt an animal programs related to our domestic canines and felines. 
  • Lead Physics Instructor- Responsible for teaching the physics course during staff training as well as maintaining the physics pavilion and supplies throughout the summer. 
  • Lead Riflery Instructor- Safety is a your top priority as you introduce our oldest campers to the sport of shooting.  Experience with guns and gun safety is a must. 
  • Lead Crime Science Instructor- Teach Crime Science during staff training and be responsible for the cleanliness and restocking supplies for the track. 


Out of Cabin Positions

  • Camp Photographers- Capture memories of the summer!  Our photographers take pictures of all activities, and manages all camp photos. Photographers post and manage the photos on our online photo database as well as update our social media pages.  Photographers also assist in the office answering phones and checking on campers.
  • Camp Store Manager- The camp store manager is in charge of our fantastic camp store.  Responsibilities include checking inventory, restocking, submitting order requests, filling supply requests, entering camper account information and using our POS system. 
  • Camp Nurse -(Filled)

 RN degree

Experience working with children between the ages of 7 - 17

Experience working with children and adults with developmental disabilities

Summer camp experience (preferred)
Enjoyment of the outdoors, science and teaching
Strong communication skills


Distribute medications to campers and staff.

Provide first-aid on an as needed basis.

Keep an up-to-date log of all medical treatment and consultations provided at camp.

Provide protective oversight for all campers and staff.


  • Nurse's Assistant- Assists the nurse with her duties.  Helps file medical paperwork for campers.  Treats very minor injuries (scrapes, bruises, etc).  Also assists in the camp store.  Must be detail oriented, patient and flexible.  This is the ideal summer job for nursing students.
  • Ropes Course Staff- Work full time on our amazing ropes course!  Must be comfortable with heights and tolerant of standing outside for long periods of time during the hot Missouri summer.  Experience working on a ropes course is ideal, more specifically with belaying and rappelling.  Our ropes course staff also assist with scheduling or are unit leaders.   
  • Culinary Arts Supervisor- Supervisor to our culinary arts program.  Teach our campers how to make tasty delights as well as teach our counselors the skills to turn our campers into mini gourmet chefs.  You are also responsible for the cleaning and maintaining our culinary science building.  Experience cooking and cleaning is necessary.  Ideal candidates will be able to do cake decorating (piping, fondant, etc) candy making and garnish making.  Experience with outdoor cooking is also highly desirable.  
  • Arts and Crafts Supervisor- Supervisor to our arts and crafts programs.  Experience with ceramics, kiln firing and wheel throwing are preferred.  Must be able to learn all of the crafts we currently offer at camp (lanyards, friendship bracelets, dream catchers, candle making, etc) and willing to develop more.  Responsible for cleaning and organizing our brand new art building.  Creativity is a must! 
  • Camp Store Manager - Responsible for helping campers with their camp store purchases, keeping the items stocked and the store clean. 

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