Camp Activities

There are four, hour long activity periods every day at Cub Creek Science Camp.  Two of those activity periods will be the camper's Courses and the other two activity periods will be the camper's Classes. 
The campers also have one hour of "Free Time" and a hour long "Siesta".  Each evening, everyone participates in a different fun group activity.


9:30 am     Activity Period 1

10:45 am   Activity Period 2

Noon or 1  Free Period

3:00 pm     Activity Period 3

4:15 pm     Activity Period 4

7:00 pm     Evening Activity



What is the difference between a course and a class?  
Courses and classes are the names given to our camp activities.  Each camper will choose two courses for each week at camp and two classes for each day of camp.

  • Courses are week long activities that are offered one hour each day.  Each day, campers will enjoy a new, hands-on project that focuses on the course’s theme.  There are more than 30 courses offered at Cub Creek. This includes our 6 Adopt an Animal Courses.
  • Classes are 1 hour, one time activities that offer a wide variety of choices. (We offer over 100 classes at Cub Creek)


These are some of the fun evening activities that the campers participate in.

Floopaflar -

Blind Auction -

Circle of Life -

Scavenger Hunt -

Camp-Out -

Skit Night -


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